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FIre Safety Training

Fire Safety Training is a Legal Requirement

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order of 2005 states that businesses are required to provide suitable fire safety training to their staff as outlined in the obligatory fire risk assessment.

Every year, multiple preventative business fires occur resulting in significant losses and occasionally, injuries and deaths. Had a suitable training being carried out, no doubt many of these deaths and injuries could have been avoided. The input provided on our training courses should be taken home as many of the principles covered during the training apply in the home setting.

The Training

Employers must ensure that all employees receive at last the very basic fire awareness training and that it is regularly backed up by refresher training courses.

The training is designed to ensure that your staff are able to correctly react should a fire break out. The training course itself will not only improve your employees’ awareness of fire but will also give them an understanding of what to do in the event of a fire.

Our training will include:

  • How to raise the alarm and contact the emergency services
  • Fire door procedures
  • Hazardous substance storage and handling
  • Types of fire extinguisher and how to use them
  • How to conduct a fire drill

How we can help

We deliver a range of comprehensive, accredited fire training courses to organisations and businesses of all sizes and across a broad spectrum of industries. We also offer bespoke fire safety training courses designed to suit your company’s specific requirements, often based on the results of your fire risk assessment.

Our fire safety training courses can be delivered at your premises, meaning minimal disruption to you and your employees. They are run by our highly knowledgeable team of fire safety experts and offer interactive, engaging sessions, outlining best practices to to prevent a fire and exactly what to do should a fire break out.

We also offer fire Marshal training, also known as Fire Warden training. These are for those who have been identified in your emergency plan as taking on a supervisory role in the event of a fire.

All the necessary equipment and materials are provided by us. Whatever industry you work in, we’re confident you’ll benefit greatly from our range of fire safety training solutions.