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Fire Risk Assessments

Assessing your fire risks are a Legal Requirement

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order of 2005 means that if you own, manage or operate a business, it is your responsibility to comply with fire safety law.

This order applies to almost all non-domestic buildings, places and structures. It demands that all employers and building owners carry out a Fire Safety Risk Assessment and keep it up to date.

The purpose of an assessment is to review your premises and evaluate the work that your staff carries out within it. It identifies possible hazards or threats to human safety in the event of a fire, or highlight possible sources of fire.

Based on the findings of the assessment, adequate and appropriate fire safety measures must be introduced in order to not only prevent fires, but also to minimise the risk of death or injury to employees and visitors in the event of a fire. An assessment will also need to be done for insurance purposes.

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The Fire Risk Assessment

FRAs are an ongoing process, requiring employers and building owners to continuously monitor and update their fire safety policies.

Where a company employs five or more staff; where an alterations notice is in force; or where the premises are licensed, all significant findings in the report should be recorded. However, we would advise that these findings are recorded in all cases.

All premises must have a designated ‘responsible person’, usually the employer or the owner of the premises. It is up to this person to ensure that Fire Risk Assessments are carried out regularly and kept up to date. This applies to businesses across all sectors, from retail to industrial premises.

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A fire risk assessment will:

  • Identify those at risk
  • Identify fire hazards
  • Evaluate the risk
  • Record the findings
  • Provide an action table highlighting the steps to take to address the findings and eliminate the hazards identified

You are responsible for fire safety

It falls to you to ensure risk are minimised. Should you fail to meet your assessments responsibilities, you may face a custodial sentence and an unlimited fine. So, if there is any doubt at all as to what is required, or who should undertake the assessment, you should seriously consider engaging the services of a professional fire risk assessor.

Make sure you are compliant with the regulations.

How we can help

We can assist you with every aspect of your Fire Risk Assessments in the north west of England. From the actual assessment to advising on the necessary measures required for compliance, our experienced team will guide you every step of the way. Assessments and recording the findings can be time consuming and our team will help you save time and ensure accuracy.

We will meet with the Responsible Person and ensure all aspects of the assessment are covered. We can help you create useful resources for your business like fire equipment maps and a host of other support options. Not only will you comply with current regulations, your place of work will be a safer place for visitors and staff alike.

Should you choose to conduct your own fire risk assessment, we also offer a review service to ensure its viability. It’s important that good guidance is obtained and that you compile your findings correctly. We can advise on templates that can be used to outline your assessment.

Reporting the findings

Our Fire Risk Assessments reports offer practical, easy to follow advice which is fully tailored to the needs of your business and premises.

We run through everything with you: from fire hazards to fire safety management procedures, emergency lighting to means of escape. Our assessments are not only thorough, but also presented in in an easy to follow, user-friendly layout. Using it, you can then convey the important aspects to staff, modify your standard operating procedures and make sure your signage is clear and correct. It will also help you formulate good training drills and improve the best practice of staff.

For a fully independent and unbiased Fire Risk Assessments, get in touch

It’s amazing how much a fresh pair of eyes will find and ensure a safe place for your employees and visitors.

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